Nina Skjemstad has extensive experience in coaching, courses, talks and mindfulness. Nina has been the astrologist for the weekly Allers magazine for the last 10 years and are still delivering the big horoscopes for the magazine.


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Inspira Visjon blog

Follow Inspira Visjon's blog for regular updates and information about courses, talks and monthly horoscopes.

Inspira Visjon stands for inspiration and motivation, which includes considerable work on the power of the mind and mental development on many levels.

We offer different tools for changing habits, clarifying situations and strengthening coping strategies for achieving your goals.

Nina Skjemstad,
Astrologist, Inspira Visjon

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Do you know yourself well enough to realise your potential? Become familiar with your inner strengths, personal talents and abilities so that you can set and achieve your personal goals.

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