Inspira Visjon

Inspira Visjon AS was founded by astrologer and Coach Nina Skjemstad in 2013. 


Inspira Visjon provides inspiration and motivation to individuals, companies, couples and groups and gives advice on relationships between colleagues and family members.


We offer courses in coaching, guidance, discussions, self-development, mental training and mindfulness.


You can search for information about your situation and be given the opportunity to see the way forward more clearly in relation to your private and professional life.


You will be inspired to look beyond your limitations and discover opportunities.




Individual discussions that highlight your situation are carried out using tools such as astrology, coaching, psychology and body language.


You will gain a clear picture and a good overview of the opportunities and choices that are available to you. Your potential and self-limiting convictions will be highlighted to enable you to overcome them on the way to achieving your goal. An insight into the power of the mind, mental training, influences from the past and present and the will to achieve new goals are also included here. If you want to define new goals or change yourself or your surroundings, you can gain a clearer overview of opportunities and techniques for doing this.



This can include couples, relationships with children, parents or colleagues, and you may need to clarify or resolve situations or conflicts. This can include family relationships and imbalances from the past or family patterns in general. You will be given the opportunity and help to resolve different situations and foster good relationships. A discussion where light is shed on situations in order to gain greater clarity and a broader perspective may inspire growth and development.



Inspira Visjon can chart the situation in which the company finds itself. Using different tools, we highlight where the problem is, where there are imbalances and how the weakest link can be strengthened. The focus here is directed on the company itself, customer relationships, internal employee relationships, working environment, areas for improvement and the cycles which the company is in and which will lead the way forward.


Inspira Visjon offers individual self-development, mental training, management development and team coaching. Talks on themes that deal with inspiration, motivation, mental strength and future visions are also offered.