From: 23 September to 23 October

Ruling planet(s):

Gender: Masculine
Element: Air
Quality: Leader
Body part(s): Kidneys, bladder, skin and spine


Positive sides:

Libra is the sixth sign of the zodiac and introduces a new season with the autumn equinox. The opposite sign to Aries. In contrast to Aries, Libra is very concerned for others and needs to be with other people. Librans often have suitors, are charming and beautiful and like to surround themselves with natural and comfortable fabrics and energies. They need their interiors and styles to match and can become unwell if there is disharmony.

They are for the most part, peace-loving individuals who go to great lengths to maintain peace and tranquillity in their surroundings.

This is a leading sign that likes to get projects started. Librans are driven, active and go-getters and at times can do more than most people can manage, but need to balance a demanding time with an equally-long quiet period. They are often easy-going, charming and extroverted people who are sociable, happy and affectionate towards others. They are perfect party hosts.


Challenging aspects:

The weighing scales balances but can, at times, become unbalanced. In such cases, Librans can become dizzy, unwell and suffer from skin problems. Even though they prefer to avoid confrontations or conflicts, they can be the ones that start them without being aware of it. Wilfulness can be a challenge. In order to highlight several aspects of a case, they can put forward views that they do not believe themselves, while others can think that they mean what they are saying. This can frequently be a source of misunderstanding.