Other names for coaching are: advice, guidance, guiding, motivation, consciousness-raising, training and showing the way forward. Using different tools, the best possible solutions can be found together in connection with themes you are unsure of, or challenges you would like to meet. Consciousness-raising makes it easier to orientate oneself, set limits, make the right choices and focus on goals. There is a focus on solution-orientated and result-orientated advice.

Coaching involves guidance and motivation with the focus on the individual wanting to make independent, conscious and clever choices.

The tools used in coaching help make it easier to succeed with personal or common goal setting, depending on whether you are working individually or with couples, families or groups. By being conscious of all thoughts, how we use our time and what our needs are, we can identify obstacles and our needs and develop our potential.

Some of the things coaching can help with include:
- Helping to clarify and define goal setting and ambitions
- Becoming aware of and experiencing the power of the mind
- Defining qualities, abilities and talent
- Helping to sort thoughts and feelings
- Identifying the underlying reasons for significant choices
- Becoming aware of and expressing our needs
- Becoming aware of significant change processes in life
- Defining different development phases we naturally go through
- Defining why we do not achieve our goals and how to achieve them
- Motivating you to achieve your personal and common goals
- Supplying tools that motivate people to change their habits and not go back to their old ways