Taking control of your thoughts involves training. Mindfulness/meditation is a wonderful way to increase your energy levels. The practice of calming the mind can help relieve worries and stress. When you are totally and completely present in the moment in your body and your senses, you are no longer in your thoughts but in an activity. Research shows that mindfulness has a positive effect on stress and pain in your body, improves self-confidence, concentration and energy levels.

Mindfulness and meditation facilitate better contact with your body and subconsciousness.

This is a good way to become better acquainted with more aspects of your personality. Some people find answers within themselves to things that they have long pondered, while others realize their potential and are better able to focus on what they want to do. This also facilitates a stronger focus on personal goals.


Nina, the course leader, has guided meditation groups since 2002 and is aware of the different experiences one can have through practising meditation. There are different types of meditation and mindfulness techniques. A course introduces different techniques. The mindfulness course includes exercises and techniques that can also be practised alone afterwards.


There are many different types of meditation. This course focuses on breathing and self-development.


Meditation helps reduce stress, increases inner calm and leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Many people experience increased inner confidence and creativity. This helps balance the mind and body giving an increased consciousness of who one IS and what one WANTS as well as what one would like to CREATE.


This course provides training in calming the mind, listening to one’s intuition and becoming better at relying on one’s strengths and powers. The art of this is to preserve calmness while experiencing chaos all around.


This meditation course involves chakra balancing as well as focusing on various themes each time.


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