From: 22 May to 21 June
Ruling planet(s): Mercury
Gender: Masculine
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Body part(s): Arms, shoulders and the nervous system


Positive qualities:  

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is associated with development and growth, curiosity and duality. Geminis can often do several things at the same time while maintaining a good overview of what they are doing. They have a well-developed intellect, which increases the need for mental stimulation. They are quick-witted and fast-thinking, and these qualities lend themselves to all forms of communication. Knowledge is often something they yearn for, and books are treasured possessions. They are adaptable and sociable in many different environments.

They like to be where the action is and have a need to communicate and exchange ideas with others.

They have dormant creative qualities and making things with their hands or within the area of communication comes naturally to them. These can include writing, story-telling, needlework, IT and lots more.


Challenging aspects:

At times, Geminis can have a dual nature and show different personalities depending on the environment in which they find themselves. An over-developed ability to adapt can lead to chameleon-like tendencies where it can be difficult to know who this person really is. Can take on too many tasks at once so that they lose their focus—often forgetting time and place—and this can make them seem unreliable.