From: 24 August to 22 September
Ruling planet(s): Mercury
Gender: Feminine
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Body part(s): The nervous system, stomach and gut


Positive qualities:

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is the last sign before mid-way in the zodiac. Virgo is characterised by analysing what has happened before a new phase begins at the autumn equinox. Many Virgos are obsessed with filtering and dividing, tidying and putting systems in place to avoid chaos.

They are often hard-working, willing to serve and industrious types that are more than happy to serve those they are engaging with.

They pay attention to detail, are precise and thorough and can create order. Cleanliness is something that many Virgos are particular about and devote a lot of time to. Virgos have sharp minds and can be very flexible and adaptable. Many Virgos also have creative potential, particularly with regard to crafts and mental activities.


Challenging aspects:

The excessive focus on detail can lead to fanaticism or to loss of an overview of the whole. Where there is a lack of self-confidence, self-criticism and criticism of others can overshadow other positive attributes. This strong mental capacity may be misused with excess brooding. Turning attention from thoughts to actions can divert the focus and one-sidedness and also increase flexibility.