From: 22 December to 20 January
Ruling planet(s): Saturn
Gender: Feminine


Quality: Leader
Body part(s): Skeleton, knees, knuckles, teeth and skin


Positive qualities:

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and introduces the winter solstice. This personality type is often associated with tradition and “order”, likes to do what suits others, is ambitious and likes to get results. They can be extroverted and engaging, are independent and like to take charge. Capricorns need to do things that get results and can therefore work long hours. Capricorns have a need to create a solid foundation and invest in expensive equipment that will last.

They are practical and can be both craftsmen and musicians.

When they are young they often appear mature and serious and become younger and more youthful with age. They often make big demands of themselves and others and are quick to regret all the things they have not achieved. But patience and perseverance are typical characteristics of this sign, and so they often attain serious and respectable management positions.


Challenging aspects:

They are often so focused on their careers and getting results that it impinges on their relationships with family and friends. Feelings of guilt can cause them to become tired and depressed. If they have no goal to work towards, they can become dispirited and can appear lazy. The serious and controlled side of their nature can gain the upper hand, and Capricorns can then appear too serious and melancholy. Some Capricorns can start too many projects at the same time without managing to complete them.