From: 21 January to 18 February
Ruling planet(s): Uranus, Saturn
Gender: Masculine
Element: Air
Quality:  Reliable
Body part(s): Legs, ankles and circulation


Positive qualities:

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and represents the true individual. Qualities such as eccentricity and originality as well as being engaging and passionate can mean that some Aquarians appear somewhat distant and close at the same time. Aquarius needs to express his distinctive side while also having a need to be slightly secretive.

Aquarians are proud and often question the meaning of life, but they can also be stubborn and do not give up easily once they put their minds to something.

Many people who have this star sign have ingenious qualities, understand difficult technical matters and possess “Einstein” tendencies. They have inventor skills. They also display interesting creative sides which suggest an ability to be innovative and pioneering within their area. They develop and renew themselves, and they quickly become restless if there is too much routine. Art and scientific work can capture the interest of some Aquarians. Many Aquarians work better and are happier in groups than in one-to-one situations.


Challenging aspects:

Aquarians are not sentimentalists but have a strong intellectual side, and some of them can, at times, appear distant, restless and are difficult to understand. Can appear superficial, changeable and unpredictable.


Some Aquarians can really stand out from the crowd and be noticed. The need to be original can overshadow the Aquarian’s personality.