From: 23 July to 23 August
Ruling planet(s): The sun
Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Quality: Reliable
Body part(s): Heart and spine


Positive qualities:

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is at its best when the sun is at its highest between July and August. The majestic Leo needs praise and recognition. When this flower is in bloom and is at its very best, it needs to be seen.

Many Leos are very creative and like to play and laugh. They are competitive by nature and like to express their creativity in many ways.

Party games and social gatherings can be a source of much fun, and at his best, Leo likes an audience. Many Leos enjoy being centre stage. Love and romance is very important to Leos and if their needs are not met, this flower can wither and close up. Although they may not appear so outwardly, they are very sensitive and like children can become hurt easily if they are not heard. Creative development is important to their self-worth and self-confidence.


Challenging aspects:

If Leo does not get enough attention, he can roar loudly to get noticed. Leo can also appear domineering and boastful if not acknowledged. A dissatisfied Leo can be very destructive. Pride and stubbornness can sometimes gain the upper hand and a little love can mollify a rebellious Leo. Winning over an unyielding Leo with poor self-awareness can be challenging however.